One White Apple

This short film intrigued me for a couple of reasons.  First, it reminded me of an X-Files-like storyline, where an element of the fantastical was inherent to the overall tale.  The second reason has more to do with the character.  Early on, it is obvious how self-centered and self-absorbed he is.  Once my wife goes missing, it becomes both a physical and spiritual quest to get her back.

The director has restricted Vimeo from allowing others to embed the video.  To watch it, you will have to go here.

An Outtake

I decided to add the outtake from the film that was left on the cutting room floor.  Were it to be reinserted in the film, it would happen just before I find the skeletal remains in the woods.  In this scene, I run across a witch-like character who gives me an odd task to complete in order to get information about the whereabouts of my wife.  The director initially wanted my character to learn something here that would allow me to survive at the end of the film.  After cutting it together, he felt the idea was already there and this ended up being redundant information.

One White Apple – Deleted Scene from Alan J. Sanders on Vimeo.


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