Last Call

Here is a short film I did for Brandon Jolley, a director who was going for his MFA at Georgia State University.  I was drawn to this story because it gave me a chance to play a person who is initially upset at his wife — enough to leave her — only to find himself in the midst of being car-jacked shortly thereafter.  The rest of the film then required me to stay seated in a car and deal with very little movement.  Throughout the standoff in the car, I imagined my character wishing he was back home with his wife: that none of his earlier problems could compare to the current situation.  The message I like to think we conveyed in the movie comes from the car jacker himself — the concept of the “do over.”  Much like the criminal wants a do over, so, too, does my character.  Enjoy.

Last Call from Brandon Jolley on Vimeo.


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