Several weeks ago, I was asked if I would consider donating my time for a video shoot that was being produced by the Bartow County EMS.  The video, intended to be shown to high school students just prior to prom season, was meant to get kids to think long and hard about what decisions they would have to make in their lives.  Whether to drink underage or not.  Whether to drive drunk or with someone drunk behind the wheel.  To put partying before common sense.

I usually don’t take on no-paying gigs, but I also have four daughters, two of which are already in high school, one will be there next year and the youngest only three years away.  They are all going to be faced with these same questions and I felt a responsibility to help provide an alternative message for them to consider.  I played the part of the dad who, in an effort to be “cool”, consents to letting my son bring alcohol to an after-prom party.  I feel like many parents in my age-range and younger would act the same way and I wanted to help show that regardless of how “cool” we want to be, it’s more important to be responsible parents and less about being best friends.

I thought the final short was extremely powerful and was quite pleased to have been a small part of this overall production.  I wanted to share this so those with kids can watch it and, hopefully, share it with them, too.  Enjoy!

“Decisions” Prom/Teen Party PSA from Xstream on Vimeo.


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