Random musings

WWW suddenly means, “Wow, what work!”

Alan Headshot 1Been a while.

That’s an understatement.

Ok, ok, it’s been a long time.  But, I have a good reason (not an excuse).  My company has been growing by the tiniest of steps for the first 18 months when, just like advancements in science, after all the crawling, took one giant leap at the end of 2012.  I was talking to potential clients almost everyday.  And, like the axiom, for every 10 people you talk to about your business, you may get 2 bites and lucky if you land one deal.

Maybe it’s for every 100, you may get 10 bites and 1 deal, but I digress.

The fact of the matter is, something happened in November and December of 2012 that pushed several businesses our way.  Cultivating those contacts is a daily effort and the work to go from initial meeting to a signature on the dotted line can sometimes be months of back and forth negotiations.

I know I’m not telling anyone in business (or sales) anything new.

Once the deal is signed, then an entire new line of effort and activities are put into motion.  We move from sales and consulting phase to develop and deliver.

Oh, this is probably where I need to say what it is my company does.

Logo - with tag line (flattened)The name of my company is AJS Productions.  You can find the website by going to www.ajsproductions.com and you can also find our facebook page and twitter account in the realm of social media.  We primarily build websites for small-to-medium sized businesses.  We have a strong focus on SEO marketing, best practices coding, custom designs and full social media integration.  Some of our best clients have been law firms, but we have run the gamut from jazz trios to national HomePageScreenGrabassociations to private jet chartering entities.

It’s been a lot of work — and that’s good, considering how terrible the economy still is and there are no signs of improvement anytime soon.

But we can also manage video productions, edit basic video shoots, develop branding and marketing strategies and produce scripts for film, tv or commercials.  This is really a secondary area, but I would like to see it grow as well.

All in all, with four girls, five dogs, two cats and wife, my day is pretty busy.

Not an excuse.

Just a reason.


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